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Driving Test Day: Show and tell questions

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You have already passed your theory test and hopefully retained all the information you learned to do this but on your actual practical driving test you also have some extra questions you will be asked.

Why do they need to ask these questions and why should you know them?

The show and tell questions on the test are there as these are essential parts of driving. As a driver you are responsible for the maintenance of your vehicle so regardless of the driving test you should go through this checklist of questions regularly. It is even more important before setting out on a long journey. You dont want to set off for example on a long journey if you dont know if your brake lights are working or not for example.

So let’s break these questions down

The tell me questions:

At the beginning of the driving test before setting off you are asked one question. This question is relevant to every car so everyone should know how to answer. As this is right at the start of the test, with the examiner knowing you are probably nervous, you should be given various lifelines to answer the question. For example is you start to answer the wrong question you should be prompted to answer the question you have been asked. Also if your answer is nearly correct but you have said minimum instead of maximum for example you might be asked to clarify your answer.

Remember the examiner isn’t there to trick you on the test and isn’t out to fail you. Listen to their prompts to help you. If however you do fail to answer the question correctly you will get a minor driving fault only. You have NOT failed your driving test at this point. The question will either be posed inside the car or the examiner will ask you to open the bonnet and you have to point out the answer there. Please make sure you are familiar with your car on how to open the bonnet before the test. Your dont want to get flustered before your test because you cant remember how to do it. If you really cant open the bonnet your instructor can help you here (it is the only help your instructor can give you on the test itself).

The show me questions

These questions are all asked whilst the vehicle is moving and you should have practiced doing this many times before your test day. These questions have been put in place as they are essential things you may need to do in real life situations whilst moving. These questions include demisting your front window, demisting you rear window, putting your headlights on, sounding the horn, putting your front windscreen wipers on, cleaning the front window with the washer and wipers, cleaning the rear window with the washer and wipers and putting down one of the front windows of the car.

All of these are done on the move so please make sure when you operate the correct switch you keep control of the vehicle. Dont look down at the controls and swerve the car into the middle of the road for example. If you cannot find the control please dont panic. Let the examiner know and they should ask you to safely pull over where you can find the correct switch (they will help you of needed). After finding the switch they will ask you to pull off and operate it on the move. If you cannot operate it or lose control of the car you will fail on this question. As always, be prepared pre test and keep calm when asked to do so. If you are on a bend for example when asked to do so please wait until you find a safer stretch of road.

Rushing to please the examiner will only lead to mistakes.

Good luck with your test!

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