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After the long and hard road to get qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) each of us is faced with a difficult decision to instruct as an independent or to be part of a franchise. This decision is often based on what exactly we are looking for as a career.

Let’s talk about driving school franchises. There are many reasons to join a franchise but what kind of franchise is right for you? In this part of the blog we are going to talk about the Big Schools. Often we may think that joining a national recognisable school is a no brainer but for the most part this may not be a wise move. Although you do join a company with a big name you are one of 100s or 1000s of instructors fighting each other for business. Many of these school will not treat you as an individual with specific needs and will be just a regular cash cow for them, for the most part tiring you into long and expensive contracts.

Local Driving Schools

These companies are geared up to a nationwide presence and focus on the country as a whole and if you need business quickly, for example following a quick succession of passes, they will not be focusing on your individual needs. The costs are also often way in excess of what a smaller, local franchise might charge. Why would you want to work up to a quarter of your week just to pay for a big name on your car. We hear all the time about instructors who find it difficult to make an average living from instructing as these overheads massively restrict their income. The student sees the hourly rate as being paid directly into the instructors pocket. Being part of a big franchise this is far from the reality.

What most PDIs (instructors prior to being fully qualified) encounter when they see an advert to join the profession are enticing adverts to join the biggest school and earn a good living but without proper research you may be mislead

You only have to go on the forums online to see how many instructors regret joining these big schools. The big franchises do have a place in the market but are often a stepping stone to going independent when the initial contract runs out.

I am not here to totally put any PDI off joining a big school. To be best informed how they can benefit them on a day to day basis it’s best to speak to individual instructors who work under that label in the area they wish to work themselves.

Part 2 will focus on local driving school franchises such as Innov8 Driving School in Essex.

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