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Driving Lessons For Beginners

Innov8 Driving School tailors all our beginner lessons to suit your individual requirements. Following your discounted two hour assessment lesson your professional instructor will discuss with you all your options.

Whether you are looking to do multiple lessons a week at a duration of one, one and a half or two hours or a single lesson a week your options are discussed and we are there to help. If possible we will aim to get you the same lesson slot each week so that you are having regular lessons. All lessons will be confirmed at the end of your previous lesson so you can be confident of a reliable service from your instructor. The structure of the lessons and lesson content will be discussed with you in advance so that you can maximise your learning experience.

Innov8 will also give you help and advice on your theory test and incorporate this into your lessons if you wish us to do so. We can provide a free theory test app to help you with your learning. Our instructors believe it is important to combine theory within the context of a practical lesson so that you can understand how theoretical situations occur in real life situations.

A typical course structure will include the following aspects of driving:

  • Cockpit Drill and Controls

Innov8 offer Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons for Beginners

This is probably the most important lesson to ensure a safe and comfortable driving position and familiarisation of your instructors car.

Moving Off and Stopping
This builds the foundations of car control and critical observations.

Emerging and Approaching junctions
This introduces the important Mirrors, Signal and Manouvre routine.

Country roads

Town centre driving

Dual Carriageway driving and Motorway driving

(Not all syllabus will include this in the beginner lesson structure).

We also cover overtaking and meeting parked cars. Pedestrian crossings within high population areas and around schools is also taught in details.

The four manouvres for the test are:

  • Forward bay park to the left or right
  • Reverse bay park to the left or right
  • Parallel park on the left
  • Pull up on the right and reverse

These will be covered thoroughly. We also teach the various methods of turning the car around although this is no longer tested in the practical test.

Innov8 believe in teaching the student to drive safely for life and not just to pass the test. Sat Nav driving and following road signs is also covered in detail to enable the student to drive independently. Each instructor will introduce these subjects (and more) at varying times depending on the individual students progress and ability.

Why not take your first steps to a driving licence today? Give Innov8 a call today (or send us an email) and we’ll get you on the road!

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