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We offer motorway driving lessons to every student once the student has passed their driving test (depending on location). However from the 4th June 2018, the law changed to allow learner drivers to gain motorway experience before they pass their driving test. We highly recommend the first experience of driving on motorways should be with a fully qualified driving instructor.

As motorway driving instructors we are delighted that the change in law will allow us to add motorway driving to our syllabus. For our students motorway driving will be a natural progression from dual carriageway work. Our focus will be on keeping the lesson real and looking at how to deal with different scenarios that may only be experienced on a motorway, for example, multiple lane choices, overtaking larger, slower vehicles and reading road signs unique to the motorway network

Should I take a motorway lesson?

Your driving instructor will make sure you have gained the road experience you need, including the ability to control a car at higher speeds, awareness and planning skills and general hazard perception before taking you on a motorway. You may have had the opportunity to practise these skills on a dual carriageway in preparation for your motorway drive and be ready for this next step in your learning. Your instructor will help you know when you are ready. The instructor’s car will continue to show L plates.

Learner Drivers on Motorways

Motorway lessons won’t be compulsory and motorway driving won’t be tested on the driving test! Despite there being 2,300 miles of the motorway network, there are many hundreds of miles of the country where many thousands of learner drivers and driving instructors, will not have easy access to a motorway. For this reason, pre-test motorway experience will remain voluntary. Whilst we recommend motorway driving lessons, it is entirely up to the individual. Make sure you feel ready within yourself!

As a provisional licence holder you will ONLY be allowed to drive on a motorway with a fully qualified driving instructor in a dual controlled car… so no practising with mum or dad I’m afraid!

What will a motorway lesson involve?
What’s relevant?

Your instructor will make the lesson relevant to your needs, talking with you about route planning and journey preparation, possibly covering your most likely first motorway drive.

How do you feel?

A motorway driving lesson is a chance to discuss how you may drive differently depending on the weather or visibility.  The topic of tiredness and recognising when your concentration is not 100% and how to then remain safe is also an important one to have, including how to plan for regular breaks and what to do if you begin to feel tired.

Your skill level

It’s likely that even with previous dual carriageway experience until you drive on a motorway you may not have had the option of a lane 3 or even a lane 4! Your instructor will be guiding you in the best way to utilise the extra lanes so you can make safe progress when interacting with other motorway users, particularly when two motorways merge or separate.

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