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We understand that many students pass their driving test in their late teens and for various reasons never get to drive on a regular basis after passing.

Our refresher driving courses are there to give drivers the confidence to drive again after a break. We tailor all our refresher courses to suit your individual requirements and can be of a duration from two hours upwards until the driver is confident to drive solo again. Following your two hour assessment lesson your professional approved instructor will discuss with you all your options.

Whether you are looking to do multiple sessions a week or a single session your options are discussed and we are there to help. All sessions will be confirmed at the end of your previous lesson so you can be confident of a reliable service from your instructor. The structure of the course will be discussed with you in advance so that you can maximise your refresher experience.

We will also give you help and advice on your theory test and incorporate this into your lessons if you wish us to do so.

A typical course structure could include the following aspects of driving:

  • Emerging and Approaching junctions
  • Country roads
  • Town centre driving
  • Dual Carriageway and Motorway driving

Local Driving Schools

We can also cover overtaking and meeting parked cars. Pedestrian crossings within high population areas and around schools can also taught in detail.

Manouvres (parking):

  • Forward bay park to the left or right
  • Reverse bay park to the left or right
  • Parallel park on the left or right

We also teach the various methods of turning the car around: taxi turns, turn in the road and reverse around the corner. Sat Nav driving and following road signs is also covered in detail to enable you to drive independently and confidently.

The aim of this refresher driving courses is to give you the confidence to drive in your daily life. We respect everyone who contacts us to build on the skills they attained during their learner driving.

Why not take your first steps to a Driving Refresher Course today? Give Innov8 a call today (or send us an email) and we’ll get you on the road!

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