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 Our mission is to exceed your expectations and all of our instructors believe in our core value of teaching you to drive safely for life and not just to pass your driving test.

To book your driving lessons why not contact one of Essex’s premier driving schools.

Find your Driving Instructor in Basildon

Innov8 Driving School offer manual and automatic Driving Lessons in Basildon. Our Driving Instructors are local to you who know the test routes and centres you will need to pass. Whether you’re looking to take your first Driving Lesson or extend your driving capability with Pass Plus driving course, Inn0v8 Driving School have qualified Driving Instructors ready to help you pass your driving test.

Confidence Building

It’s only natural to feel scared the first time you’re behind the wheel. You can still feel nervous from time to time, even when you are experienced. There are lots of reasons to feel anxious while driving, and this is not surprising when you consider the fact that there are lots of things that can go wrong as you are driving. This is why our driving lessons, here at Innov8, are heavily focused on tackling the fear and doubt associated with driving.

Today, we have developed a system that is focused on helping you to develop your driving skills while tackling your nervousness. As you drive with our instructors, you will feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable all through the driving process. Got a question for us? Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to respond.

Driving Instructors in Basildon

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Join The Innov8 Team

Are you currently an approved driving instructor and not happy with your current business arrangements?

Why not join us.

Innov8 Driving School offers you the opportunity to join a team of approved driving instructors working together to ensure a positive working environment. Innov8 are however not just another driving school. We have team days out, are always available for a friendly chat or coffee and are there to help with all your driving queries.

This job can be a lonely one but not at Innov8.

We also offer a friendly welcome to other qualified driving instructors in the Basildon area who are interested in joining our team.

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