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In the first part of this blog we discussed how at first glance being part of a large national driving school isnt always as advantageous as it seems. In this part we will see how the smaller local driving school can give you a much better long term career as an Approved Driving Instructor.

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Let’s take Innov8 Driving School as an example. I started the school in Chelmsford, Essex to help build a strong community around a small but strong group of instructors concentrating on the geographic area of Essex.

So straight away with a focus on a local area with a great mix of driving instructors we can offer choice to the potential student. We have a variety of instructor cars (both diesel and petrol). We have a variation on transmission (both automatic and manual cars) and we have a variety of instructors from Male and female and an age range and experience level from 25 to early 50s. A great starting point, but not unique. What gives the smaller school an advantage here is local knowledge and being able to react to instructor needs much quicker and more precisely than the bigger schools. At Innov8 Driving School, for example, if one of our instructors needs a few more students we can immediately react by targeting various online advertising campaigns on the touch of a button. By talking with our instructor we can understand what times of day they need customers and in what areas, to suit their own diaries. These targeted local campaigns keep our instructors constantly at the level of business they require. We also regularly act as a team and pass each other business that we may have on our own waiting lists in times of need. This of course helps the student start their learning much quicker.

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At Innov8 Driving School we also do not want the individual ADI to lose out to any special offer that the school might be offering in an advertising campaign. So we promise to pay the instructor for every offer they use to keep their incomes at a constant level. Unlike most bigger schools we are not about taking the franchise fee with a thank you, we believe in giving back to the instructor. This also ensures a positive family style working environment where everyone from company owner to instructor is part of the same team.

We also believe all instructors deserve holidays. As instructors we are all self employed so taking time off effects our incomes greatly and we don’t believe you should be paying for a service you are not using on the week you are away. We give 4 weeks payment holiday a year (plus extra at Christmas and a payment free time when you join us).

Finally, being a part of a small team we all know each other, meeting each other on the road and at driving test centres. But we also have social meet ups (with no obligation to those who don’t want to or cant take part). We a work really hard lonely hours at times and meeting up is makes us all feel more human, and of course a relaxed instructor is a much better instructor.

Above all though, financially being part of a small driving school and from personal experience being part of Innov8 Driving School we charge a much much lower franchise fee than the bigger schools and we have no long term contracts to tie instructors in to being part of a school they might not want to be part of. We are proud to run a driving school where our instructors are looked after (with professional advice through to financial help), happy and who feel part of a growing, reputable team.

If this sounds good, please call us for a chat and maybe you will become our newest team member.

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