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The Driving Test – Part 3

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So, you are asked to start your engine and the test begins. You have to drive as you normally would and not treat the drive as a test. One road at a time and it will be over quicker than you think.

Probably the biggest difference in the test compared to normal lesson is how the examiner interacts with you during the drive. The norm is for the examiner to be quiet during the drive but this often makes students nervous, especially if the normal lessons are chatty. Why are examiners like this? I have spoken to test centre managers about this and from their point of view it’s simple why… the examiner doesn’t know you and doesn’t want to put you off.

Many an upset student after failing complains to the test centre that the examiner has put them off or said something that upset them in trying to make general conversation. For the majority this is to try to overturn the decision to fail them (which will never happen) or look to get a free test (which rarely happens). The examiner has no time invested in you, they do not know that talking about the weather may upset you and you are afraid of the rain… you get the picture.

There is, according to one test centre manager i spoke to, a simple solution to this problem of silence. If the candidate is more comfortable chatting during the drive simply tell the examiner. They wont bite. If you want to chat during the test do so, take the lead. The examiner will follow your lead. They will stop talking if something gets difficult by saying something like “I will let you concentrate here” and of course if you need to concentrate just let them politely know.

Remember this this your test and not theirs. They are not there to trick you into failing, contrary to popular belief. The more comfortable and relaxed you are on the test the more they will feel comfortable in talking to you.

Show the examiner you belong behind the wheel, show them you are ready to be out on the road without supervision. Remember, how ever daunting and complicated the marking sheet may appear you pass by following these simple rules: don’t do any of the four S’s or the I… ie don’t make anyone STOP because of what you have done, don’t make anybody SWERVE because of what you have done, don’t make anyone SLOW DOWN because of what you have done and don’t make anyone SWEAR at you because of what you have done…and of course don’t do anything ILLEGAL.

All in all stay safe during your drive and don’t effect others. If you are ready to be on the roads on your own then you will pass. I wish you all good luck.

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