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Health of a driving instructor during the lockdown

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Apart from key worker training no driving instructor has been allowed to teach during the coronavirus pandemic. All in all that means the majority of the 43000 qualified ADIs across the country have not been working since mid March. Although we haven’t as yet been informed when it will be safe to teach again, we are gearing to restart again early July. So how has this time away from students been best spent to ensure a quality reentry to tuition?

A driving instructors’ daily life

A driving instructors’ daily life whilst in work is quite a sedentary one. Most of our day is spent sitting down, often at a slight angle (so that we can best monitor our students). We are also prone to various back and neck pains that occur through regular sudden braking etc.

During this 3 month plus break from instructing many driving instructors I have spoken to have kept their mind and bodies very active. I for one have been using my time exercising. I have started to run again, successfully completing the couch to 5k programme. Although I’m still not a world beater, I am now completing a few 5000m runs every week through this programme. In between runs I am walking over 1 hour a day and completing well over 10000 steps a day.

This, coupled with other indoor exercise such as fitness dvds and weight training, has lead to a much healthier lifestyle than what I would achieve during a normal working day. I will endeavour to continue to do this when I return to work. Away from the massive increase in daily activity my body has also started to heal where my back and neck issues have simply vanished. This has lead to much better sleep.

Healthier lifestyle

As well as the healthier lifestyle I have continued to keep up to date with things in my industry and have had more opportunity to catch up with other instructors, often comparing teaching styles and techniques and continuing to learn to be a better instructor.

The coronavirus has restricted my daily life, as it has effected the life of every person in the country. When we return to work we will have to adapt to a new normal. Being a positive person it is important to me to be the best I can be. A healthier body and mind will help me be a better instructor when I am allowed to teach again. I am frustrated that I cannot teach at present and I know my students are desperate to get driving again but the health of society has to come first. I am responsible for my part in the recovery of the nation. My part has been to keep myself and the ones I love safe. This will, as a result, keep everyone I come into contact with safe.

The coronavirus is a global nightmare, one of course I wish had never happened. However I for one will return to the new normal life after this as a better person and better instructor.

Still counting down the days however until that day arrives….

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