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Today’s cars v cars in the 80s

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When we get into a modern car it’s very satisfying sitting in an car that feels like a comfy seat in an everyday house but are modern cars as good as the cars we drove 40 years ago?

I love my modern comforts in a car but are these cars giving us all a false sense of security?

The cars I used to drive would weigh a couple of tons and were practically indestructible. If you bumped gently into something in an old Volvo you could get out of the car knowing that there wouldn’t be a dent in it. My modern car has inbuilt crumple zones so that a so called minor bump would make a large dent. I understand that the modern car is made to better protect the driver. This is fantastic if involved in a major incident but extremely annoying and expensive if you nudge a bollard for example.

We all have tendencies to drive nowadays with one hand on the wheel barely touching the wheel and steering with as little effort as humanly possible. Are cars too easy to drive? Are we lulled into a false sense of safety when driving practically horizontal. When I drove my first car there was no power assisted steering and if you didn’t have two hands on the wheel you were never going to negotiate a three point turn for example without maximum effort.

Modern cars are better…

I agree the mod cons are better for this but the thrill of driving where you could feel the road is much better in a so called old fashioned car. With this better feeling of the road your senses were at their maximum and the driving experience was much more enjoyable. Have you ever tried to explain to a seventeen year old that great feeling of a car cornering in an 80s car under your full control. They would never believe you!

You might think I don’t like driving modern cars at all but this is far from the truth. Modern cars with their stadium Bose surround sound speakers and bluetooth systems enabling you to listen to anything and everything has to be a great advancement instead of having to fish out a cassette from the player with the tape firmly wrapped around the reels and listening to your favourite songs in mono… what’s mono you hear our teenagers say!

Modern anti lock braking systems have to be better than old fashioned brake pumping (cadence breaking).

Air conditioning with modern air filters has to be better than winding the windows down with a handle which filled your car with pollution and pollen.

Modern cars with their safety levels and lower polluting more efficient fuel saving engines are better for our planet. Modern hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars make me wince but are the way forward and are desperately needed to save our planet.

So do I prefer modern or old fashioned cars? I’m totally drawn here as I love my modern creature comforts but the nostalgia of my first car still fills me with a warm glow. I’ll let you decide what’s best….

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