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The theory of how to drive is an essential part of learning to drive nowadays and a full understanding of the rules of the road will keep you driving safely for life. However many young drivers see learning the theory is just to pass the theory test and nothing else. Nothing could be further from the truth as unlike most tests you will take in your life you need to retain this essential information throughout your driving career.

The Theory Test

You can learn the theory in many ways although buying yourself a copy of the highway code for me is the most effective way of learning. There are also many apps available online so you can practice more effectively when out and about (who goes out of the house without their mobile phone, so no excuses here). Finally you must also learn to put the theory of driving to practice in real life situations whilst driving or being a passenger.

A physical copy for me is the most effective way to learn in the beginning as you can read a few small chapters and then hand the book to a parent or friend to test you on the section you have just read. Whilst you can do this using an app and practicing mock tests you are more likely this way to try to remember the questions and answers whilst using the book will make you think more. Whilst learning with the book or app you must experience the road markings or signs or actions of other road users to fully understand how it all works in real life.

Booking Online

You book your theory test online using the www.gov.uk website and this currently costs £23. Don’t use proxy sites as these do exactly the same thing but will cost you a lot more for getting no additional service.

On test day you must get to the test centre on time. This will be in a different location to the practical driving test so please make sure you go to the correct place. Once you enter the centre you will asked to produce your provisional driving licence and then you will be asked to empty your pockets. You are not allowed to take anything into the test room itself. This includes watches, notes, books, pens, phones… you get the picture!

Once in the room you will sit in an individual booth with headphones. All questions are in English (or Welsh) and if you have asked in advance the questions can be audible as well as visual if you have dyslexia for example. They are judging you on your driving knowledge and not your ability to read so don’t be nervous to ask for this service if you need it.

Tips to pass the test

Make sure you know the highway code from cover to cover including all the annexes. They often test you on the little things you dont think they will ask you. For example you might learn every road sign but they simply might ask you what the shape and colour of a sign means…

Make sure you read the question twice covering up the answers before trying to answer. Try to work out the answer before revealing the answers as one word in the question might make a big difference and if you go straight to the answers, every answer could seem to make sense. In these cases you will start to double guess yourself.

Taking Your Time

Take your time. It is not a race to finish first and they give you ample time to complete the test.

Flag questions you are unsure of and go back to them. If you have to guess an answer please reread the question as it is often easy to discard one or 2 answers. Guessing 1 out of 2 gives you better odds the 1 out of 4 answers

Don’t put pressure on yourself to pass. If you are ready you are ready so try not to stress or worry about it. Test day nerves are often students downfall.

Enjoy it. It might sound silly but doing anything with a smile on your face you have more chance of succeeding

Good luck!

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