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The Driving Test – Part 2

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So the moment arrives when you enter the test centre waiting room with your pupil and you look at all the petrified faces sitting there, clock watching. What happens next?

Well more often than not the student starts to overthink the whole test…. hoping they get the friendly examiner, hoping they get the manoeuvre they want, hoping the route is easy, hoping the roads are deserted and there are no idiots on the road and hoping above all that they pass.

The examiners exit their room,  clipboards in hand and one by one call their driver across. Too late now to back out… Before I continue please make sure you have the correct test centre at the correct time and that you have your provisional licence with you. Get this wrong and all that effort will have gone to waste as the test will not proceed (this is more common than you may think).

Upon greeting the candidate the examiner asks for them to produce their licence, asks if their address is correct (please make sure it is as if it isn’t and you pass you will have to do all the paperwork yourselves to get your full licence through) and asks them to sign a residency declaration.  After this they will ask if they want their instructor to come along for the drive. Advantages of this are that if mistakes are made and they fail the instructor can see first hand and help the pupil to improve in future lessons. This is the students decision and NOT the instructors.  Remember it is your test and nobody elses!

The Driving Test Centre

Then you are walked to your car. On the way you have to read a number plate from 20.5m and you are either asked to open the bonnet of the car or get into the driving seat. Either way a ‘tell me’ question is asked regarding the safety of and maintenance of the car. These questions are found on the gov.uk website.
The examiner will proceed to inspect the car and note the instructors ADI number and then ask if you want to hear a bit about the test… They will say the following: The driving test will last approximately 30/40 minutes taking in various road conditions.

I will ask you to follow the road ahead at all times unless road markings indicate otherwise and if I wish you to turn left or right I will give you enough time to do so. During the test there will be one reverse manoeuvre and if time allows you will also be asked to carry out the emergency stop. During the test there will also be a period of around 20 minutes of independent driving either following road signs or sat nav directions. Any questions?..

And now the test begins….part 3 will follow soon, you can read part 1 now

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