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A high percentage of students we teach as Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s) are 17 year olds. We all know that turning 17 and taking your driving test is a right of passage of sorts but with the escalating cost of driving fewer drivers are actually driving on a regular basis post qualification. If you think the cost is learning is high then simply insuring your 1st car will be more that the total cost of your driving lessons. Many young people therefore are forced to or decide to wait until later in life (post university or when they need to for a job or family) to get a car and drive daily. This often could be years after passing the driving test.

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As ADI’s we respect greatly people in this position coming to us for a few refresher sessions before embarking on this new driving life. Many people feel that getting extra tuition after they pass is not needed as they have already passed but driving like any skill is only good if practice is kept up and experience is gained. There is certainly no shame or embarrassment in asking for a little confidence booster. In fact most of the time I wouldn’t even call it a refresher ‘lesson’ but would call it a refresher ‘drive’ instead.

Calling it a lesson often goes against the perception that if you need a lesson you shouldn’t have passed in the first case, which is completely untrue. In fact we can all increase our competences behind the wheel regardless of experience. I teach advanced driving too, often to people with many years driving experience, and all improve with extra tuition. So why is there a perceived embarrassment in asking for a little extra help gaining confidence behind the wheel when you are a new driver with little or no experience at all?

What’s to be expected on a Driving Refresher Course

So what would you expect on a driving refresher course? Well firstly I think there are 3 main types of refresher courses: 1-(with many years elapsed with no driving post test) a driving course starting with the basics and building up the skill base again ie a mini learner course. 2 – a targeted course focusing on specific skills ie motorway driving or parking… which improves skills you haven’t really needed til now but you now do. 3- a confidence boosting session or two.

The time and duration of each course really depends on the individual needs of the student and an initial assessment from the qualified instructor.

ADI’s will not treat you as learners in these lessons and will often work around any bad habits the new driver has accrued in their driving experience to date. Unless directed by the student we will not correct these habits unless the habit has turned into a potentially dangerous habit. We are there to help the driver achieve their own goals. Remember you are a qualified driver now and styles of driving evolve to suit the driver over time.

If in doubt whether you need a refresher course never hesitate to contact a qualified instructor and state your driving concerns. We are always there to listen and give advice and remember we are looking to achieve the goal of safe driving forever and can only do that if the driver want to improve.

Happy safe driving everyone.

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